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Six Sigma Club


Six Sigma in Russia Club

Six Sigma in Russia Club - a community of supporters and successors of Six Sigma freely communicating and exchanging data on in-site Six Sigma projects.

The Club is a free enough structure, a community of individuals with joint interests. However, within the Club certain rules of interaction are set. These are the rules concerning intellectual property right and common standards of data exchange.

Moreover the idea is to set up a worthwhile and time-proof organization with the prospect of commercial partnership between the Club members, and therefore we expect a well considered attitude towards the current process and the prospects of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Supporters and successors of Six Sigma Strategy, i.e. individuals concerned with learning more about Six Sigma concept or applying it in their company, or becoming Six Sigma consultant, or working out a training course

Freely communicating and exchanging data, i.e. initiators and founders of the Club do not assume and do not have the opportunity to limit communication and data exchange between Club members.

Freely available or public data, i.e. initiators and founders of the Club assume that the Club members do observe intellectual property rights, protecting unauthorized access to information, that is of commercial value to providers of products and services, related to Six Sigma implementation, application and education.

The benefits of Six Sigma in Russia Club Membership are available to individuals seeking to learn how Six Sigma might be introduced or integrated into their business processes, as well as deployment and implementation experts who may include Management, Champions, Master Black Belts and Project Leaders.