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About Association

Association Six Sigma is a nonprofit organization set up in April 2004 by United Consultants FDP - one of the largest national consulting groups. ASSR mission is to foster Six Sigma state of mind and methodology for the benefit of Russian manufacturers.

The main purpose of the Association is to adapt Six Sigma methodology to the Russian reality and to give Russian companies opportunity to use it.

We provide Six Sigma training and consulting services, including executive overview and introduction trainings, Green belt courses and project deployment support to ensure client success.

Since our Association was started its activities we achieved significant results although Six Sigma brand was practically unknown in this country.

  • Over 600 employees of Russian and foreign companies completed Six Sigma training courses organized by Association Six Sigma.

  • Practical work was done to adapt and introduce Six Sigma tools and methodology into Russian industrial environment.

  • We organize negotiations with medium-sized enterprises on launching Six Sigma deployment.

  • It was with the substantial assistance of Association Six Sigma that several books on Six Sigma were translated into Russian and published.

  • Our articles about Six Sigma regularly appear in various popular editions.

  • Series of articles and a book about Russian experience of employing Six Sigma system and adapting methodological materials to the specifics and peculiarities of the Russian environment are being prepared for publishing.

  • Association Six Sigma takes part in various industrial forums and conferences. We were an official partner of Moscow Six Sigma conference which took place in March 2006 and will be in May 2007, Lean Six Sigma Summit 2006 in Amsterdam, Lean Six Sigma in Financial Services 2006 in Zurich. Such events and our own experience prove that Six Sigma is becoming the object of the huge interest from Russian companies.



Sergei Glukhov

President, Association Six Sigma

Ph.D. in Economics

President, JSC United Consultants FDP

Alexander Kazintsev

Vice-president, Association Six Sigma

Six Sigma Black Belt

Doctor of Business Administration 

United Consultants FDP is a Moscow-based financial consulting group of audit and law companies. Founded in 1992, in terms of revenue UC FDP is today one of the largest national consulting groups, that provides a broad range of fully integrated and professional services in areas that include accounting, statutory and tax audit, business, financial and legal consulting, including corporate law and law of customs, evaluation, taxation, corporate governance, intellectual property protection, IT-technologies, consulting in geology, exploitation and oil production.





Among our clients are such companies as


John Deere

Corninng Inc.

Nissan Motor Rus



Velsicol Eesti